BeeBee the Wheelchair Chihuahua Is Here to Alert You That Your Life Has Been Meaningless Up Until This Point

BeeBee the chihuahua was born without shoulders, which means her front legs are basically useless. But that doesn't stop her from being the #1 most hella-pumped animal in the history of cellular respiration, and wheelbarrowing around in her custom sports car bringing joy to all the land. VROOOOOM, BEEBEE! NEVER STOP… »12/21/12 6:30pm12/21/12 6:30pm

Meet Peggy Leg, the Tiny Dog That's About to Get a Fancy Bionic Foot

No matter how many three-legged dogs you've met in life, there's always room for one more in your heart—especially when that dog's name is Peggy Leg (PEGGY LEG!), and she's about to become the world's smallest bionic dog. If awesomeness had a weight, this teeny lady would be crushed under the heft of her own… »6/13/12 9:30am6/13/12 9:30am