Urban Noises May Be Turning House Sparrows Into Neglectful Mothers

A new study that examined the effects of urban cacophony on house sparrows drew a pretty depressing conclusion — urban noises can interfere with the calls between songbirds and their chicks, meaning that chicks reared in the city are less healthy than their counterparts chirping and fluttering around in bucolic bliss. »7/11/12 11:55pm7/11/12 11:55pm

These Tiny Puppies Are So Adorable They'll Burst Your Easter Eggs and Melt Your Heart

Easter is almost over, so let's go out with a bang—specifically, the bang that your head will make when it explodes from the overwhelming amount of cute that's contained in this video. Be warned: it's a potent mix of tiny puppies, fluffy chicks, and cuddly bunnies, so proceed with caution. »4/08/12 11:15pm4/08/12 11:15pm