Chick Lit Could Be Making You Feel Extra Crappy About Yourself

A new study suggests that chick lit — oh, that loathed genre title — can have a negative effect on your body image, especially if the leading female protagonist is particularly focused on her looks and weight. Researchers at Virginia Tech took two 3,200-word excerpts from chick lit novels that referenced the lead… » 1/21/13 10:50am 1/21/13 10:50am

Want to Be a Successful Writer? Be a Man.

Well, this is depressing: female authors are still using male pseudonyms — or ambiguous initials in hopes that prospective buyers won't realize they're ladies — because studies show more people read books written by dudes. Can you blame them? » 12/07/12 4:00pm 12/07/12 4:00pm

New 'Fiction for Men' to Finally Offer Men the Chance to Read About Men…

Finally shedding the yoke of female dominance of the literary arts, the oft-ignored and long oppressed minority group known as "men" will finally have things to read made just for them. Starting in June, Esquire magazine will begin publishing a series of e-books called "Fiction for Men," finally giving voice to the silent… » 5/21/12 1:40pm 5/21/12 1:40pm

Is "New Chick Lit" Just A Different Kind Of Obnoxious?

The interwebs are abuzz this week with news of a shift in chick lit from Shopaholic-style conspicuous consumption to more recession-appropriate storylines. But is this "new chick lit" just more of the same, dressed up in slightly cheaper clothes? » 8/14/09 1:30pm 8/14/09 1:30pm