Grocery Stores: Not Just For Ladies Anymore!

If you always assumed grocery stores were designed to be equally unpleasant places for both men and women to shop, you thought wrong. It turns out that from the start, stores have been subtly geared toward being more accessible and friendly for women, who were, after all, their primary customers for many years. But… » 12/27/11 2:00pm 12/27/11 2:00pm

Sexually-Harassing Frat Boys Running Our Nation's Major Newspapers

Paging Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher: Your misogynistic media frathouse is alive and well at the Tribune Company (founded 1847) where a New York Times investigation found a culture saturated with pervy executives and harassed, intimidated female subordinates. » 10/06/10 10:35am 10/06/10 10:35am

Leapin' Lizards! They're Gonna Kill Annie!

"The sun will come out tomorrow, but the tomorrow after June 13 will be the first in generations to dawn without 'Annie' appearing in a daily newspaper." Read all about it: » 5/13/10 7:00pm 5/13/10 7:00pm