Couple Compromises on Their Wedding, Gets Married During Chicago Marathon

Stephanie Reinhart wanted to get married at City Hall. Her partner, Mark Jockel, wanted a huge wedding with all their friends and family there. So the couple compromised: they invited all their friends and family to their wedding, but they didn’t get married in a lavish ceremony. Instead, the couple got hitched at… »10/12/15 2:40pm10/12/15 2:40pm

Chicago Tribune Op-Ed Wishes for a Katrina-Like Storm to 'Reset' the City

Hurrican Katrina killed more than 1,833 people during the storm and in the subsequent flooding, displaced nearly half a million more, caused billions in damage, and left traumatic effects that linger on New Orleans and portions of the Gulf Coast to this day, 10 years later. Do we need to say this next thing? “Don’t… »8/14/15 10:00am8/14/15 10:00am

Hysterical Fox News Man Compares #BlackLivesMatter to Gestapo

On Wednesday, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly highlighted a reporter who tried to cover a Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago but was told to turn off his camera by activists. O’Reilly somehow linked that to black-on-black crime, the condemnation of white people and himself as the reporter giving the most coverage to the Black… »7/30/15 10:40am7/30/15 10:40am

Like So Many Before Her, Rumer Willis Is Joining Chicago as Roxie Hart

Imagine coming to New York with your family. You want to see a show, but don’t really care which. Tony winners are the toughest and most expensive tickets in town, Book of Mormon isn’t quite family friendly enough, Phantom feels too old, you saw The Lion King when it came to your town a decade ago, and WHAT?! When the… »7/16/15 6:30pm7/16/15 6:30pm

Berwyn Police on Bar's Two-Way Mirror: 'No Privacy Rights Were Violated'

After our story about the two-way mirror in the Cigars and Stripes women’s room was published Sunday evening, the Berwyn police department decided to pay the fine establishment a visit. The chief of police said afterwards that while he can see why women might find the mirror concerning — it is directly opposite the… »4/28/15 2:50pm4/28/15 2:50pm

Mother Sues Police for Taking Nude Photos of Daughter after Car Crash

After nearly five years, trial is set to begin next week in a lawsuit filed by the family of Jessica Mejia, a 20-year-old Chicago woman killed in a car crash caused by her ex-boyfriend. Mejia’s family is suing the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly undressing Jessica’s body after the crash and taking nude… »4/21/15 4:10pm4/21/15 4:10pm

Bad Neighbors Terrorize Deathly-Ill Girl's Nurse Over Parking Space

During the cold Chicago winters, residents of the Windy (and also wet) City call "dibs" on parking spots by shoveling them out and and placing garbage cans and lawnchairs on them. That's what the parents of Gabriela Guzman, a 5-year-old who's on a ventilator and needs around-the-clock care, did for the child's nurses… »1/14/15 3:15pm1/14/15 3:15pm

Uber Helpfully Give Passengers Tips on How to Not Get Raped

In a move that swiftly and decisively bit them in the ass, ride-sharing company Uber has released a "safety checklist" for their riders, which may as well be titled "Not Getting Raped By Our Drivers is Your Responsibility, Ladies." Available for now only in Boston and Chicago, it's almost staggeringly half-assed.… »1/02/15 1:50pm1/02/15 1:50pm