Omarosa, American Hero, Saves Michael Clarke Duncan's Life with CPR

Holy shit! So, you know actor Michael Clarke Duncan, right? He is large and has a deep voice and he did that bee-vomiting thing in the Green Mile? And you know Omarosa, right? Janice Dickinson chased her around with a knife that one time on VH1? Well. Duncan had a heart attack last night around 2 am, and he would have »7/13/12 8:15pm7/13/12 8:15pm


Paris Jackson Tries her Best to Ignore Asshole School Bullies

Being one of the most well-known teenagers in the world doesn't always make you one of the most popular, as Paris Jackson can attest – the 14-year-old telling Oprah Winfrey that some assholes at her posh private school try to bully her. Switching to the school from homeschooling in order to have a more regular life,… »6/11/12 9:00am6/11/12 9:00am