Chelsea Handler Said Goodbye to E! with Every Celeb Friend She Has

Chelsea Handler, the only woman currently hosting a late night television show, left late night, sort of, on Tuesday evening. She went out with a bang, gathering Fergie, Tim Gunn, Avril Lavigne, Dave Grohl, Gwen Stefani, Gerard Butler, Justin Theroux and dozens of other celebrities to sing a song about how great and… »8/27/14 11:10am8/27/14 11:10am


After 8 Years of Chelsea Lately Chelsea Handler Calls it Quits with E!

Chelsea Handler's contract with the E! channel is up at the end of the year and the late night lady has decided to part ways with the network. It's not exactly a secret that Handler has not been happy with E! having told Howard Stern that E! is "a sad, sad place to live…They don't know what they're doing. They have… »3/30/14 6:00pm3/30/14 6:00pm

Dear Chelsea Handler, Please Stop Calling Yourself Stupid

Late night hostess Chelsea Handler called herself stupid in jest to a W »11/13/08 2:40pm11/13/08 2:40pm mag reporter, but you know what? I still don't like it. Here's the context: Handler was her unconventional path to success, and she said, “I mean, you hope for that, but you don’t actually believe that that’s going to happen.' Then she adds, with…
Amy Sedaris was on Chelsea Lately last week and she did a presentation on vaginal cleanliness using
Amy Sedaris was on Chelsea Lately »10/27/08 1:20pm10/27/08 1:20pm last week and she did a presentation on vaginal cleanliness using a felt vagina model designed by Todd Oldham. Click the picture at left to see the video of Amy dispensing tips on how to entertain the elderly, cut up a butter box to give the Land O'Lakes lady boobs, and of course,…