Girl Kicked Out of Cheerleading Team Because of Her Curly Hair

A cheerleader in Texas was removed from her team for failing to straighten her naturally curly locks. The team’s leaders said her hair was fine for practice, but it would need to be straightened and styled in a high ponytail for competitions. “It was bad because half of it was curl and half of it wasn’t,” said… »11/08/15 7:30pm11/08/15 7:30pm


​American Medical Association Officially Declares Cheerleading a Sport

Well it's about damn time. At their annual meeting in Chicago this weekend, the American Medical Association joined the American Academy of Pediatrics in deciding that cheerleading should be considered a sport due to it's "rigors and risks." According to research published in the Journal of Pediatrics, cheerleading… »6/10/14 11:20am6/10/14 11:20am

Another NFL Cheerleader Sues Team Over Pathetic Pay

A former NFL cheerleader has filed suit against the New York Jets, alleging that the team paid her and her fellow cheerleaders a criminally low amount of money. As it stands, cheerleaders from four NFL teams — the Jets, the Bengals, the Raiders, and the Bills — have filed suit against their respective teams, each… »5/06/14 5:15pm5/06/14 5:15pm

NFL Cheerleading Is A Scam: A Former Ravens Cheerleader Tells All

As a glimpse into the dark side of NFL cheerleading, the recent Raiderettes lawsuit was revelatory, but it didn't quite capture the soup-to-nuts seediness of the enterprise. Thanks to a tipster—a former cheerleader—we've gotten our hands on a copy of the many rules and many regulations the 2009 Baltimore Ravens cheer… »1/28/14 3:21pm1/28/14 3:21pm

Amputee Division 1 Cheerleader Is Kicking All Sorts of Ass

Patience Beard is a scholarship Division 1 Cheerleader at the University of Arkansas. She lost her leg as an infant and never known life without a prosthetic. Obviously, she's very talented and highly-skilled at her passion and this kinda makes me want to be a cheerleader — which is probably the highest compliment a… »10/09/13 9:30am10/09/13 9:30am

Rah! Rah! Rah! 16-Year-Old Texas Cheerleader Sets the Back Handspring World Record

Miranda Ferguson, a 16-year-old high school junior from Dallas, Texas, broke the Guinness world record for the largest number of consecutive back handsprings last week when, during a football halftime show, she completed 35 back handsprings, beating the previous record of 32. This isn't the first time Ferguson has… »10/09/12 12:10pm10/09/12 12:10pm

Bible-Toting High School Cheerleaders Continue Futile Quest to Get God to Care About Football

Cheerleaders at one Texas high school have fought tooth, nail, and poms to hold signs containing scripture verses at football games, despite a statewide ban on the practice. Yesterday, their prayers were answered when a judge granted them the right to literally tote the Bible around on the sidelines. B-E! R-E-G!… »9/25/12 1:05pm9/25/12 1:05pm

Cheerleading Coach Allegedly Hosted Teen Team Members for Sleepover with Stripping Games

Lovejoy High School in Clayton County, Georgia, is the home of the Wildcats. Cheering for the Wildcats are the Lovejoy High School cheerleaders, coached by a woman who recently hosted a team sleepover in her house. According to The Smoking Gun, the coach and the teens played a game called "Judge and Jury." The coach… »8/23/12 4:00pm8/23/12 4:00pm

Just Because Cheerleading Is Hard Doesn't Mean It's a Sport

Two, four, six, eight, to whom do we not allocate? Cheerleaders! At least, that's what the Second US Circuit Court has ruled in a case that pitted women's volleyball against competitive cheerleading. According to the ruling, although cheerleading is physically demanding, it doesn't qualify as a Title IX sport, and… »8/08/12 11:30am8/08/12 11:30am