Sex And The City Lingerie: I'm Just Not That Into It

A not-so-shocking prediction: Sex and the City: The Movie is going to be as much (if not more) about shilling expensive shit as it is about sex. In addition to the myriad of product placement opportunities it affords mainstream marketers, the film has inspired a new collection of Cosabella lingerie said to be designed… » 4/22/08 1:30pm 4/22/08 1:30pm

From the mailbag: looks like Sex and the City casting directors are trolling for a pair of suitably adorable brats on the internets to portray Charlotte's baby. You get $130 per kid, so get ready to whore those tots out before they're even speaking! The babies, of course, will probably be Jewish, probably to Ann… » 10/12/07 12:45pm 10/12/07 12:45pm