A Gentle Reminder That Slutoween Celebrants Are Asking For It

Ugh, feminists really are the worst. First, they tell you to bust out the lingerie to protest rape at SlutWalk, and then they demand you ditch your sexy mental patient Halloween costume for a dumpy Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor outfit. It's so incredibly confusing! That is, if you're a writer notorious for… »10/31/11 11:15am10/31/11 11:15am

The Washington Post, Advancing The "Women Are Stupid" Argument Since 1994

Well, "Woman Are Stupid" advocate Charlotte Allen gave an online chat elucidating her little polemic (as well as waxing lyrical over the virtues of Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War etc. etc. puke hurl) over at the Washington Post today, and we gave them the page view because the Washington Post not so long ago… »3/05/08 4:00pm3/05/08 4:00pm

The Stupidest Thing You Ever Read On This Blog (And Maybe The Whole Wide Internet)

Are women stupider than men? This woman, Charlotte Allen thinks so, but she was smart enough to hack into the sophisticated hierarchy of retard-screening and get her essay "Women Aren't Very Bright" published in Sunday's Washington Post, so we are not yet sold. The essay, which about 978 of you emailed us over the… »3/03/08 10:00am3/03/08 10:00am