Charlie Wilson's Women: "He Was Such A Chauvinist, But He Also Gave Us So Many Opportunities!"

Charlie Wilson's War, which opened on Friday, is a movie I think everyone should see. Not because Julia Roberts delivers a shoddy Texas accent or because Philip Seymour Hoffman steals every scene he's in or because Tom Hanks is the lead and Americans love Tom Hanks even more than deep-fried crucifix-shaped guns. But… »12/26/07 12:30pm12/26/07 12:30pm


"Then Trent Lott Called Up Ted Turner And Was Like, 'Dibs On Malcolm X, Bitch'!"

John Edwards totally claims Dr. Strangelove is his favorite movie but he is lying because he has never even seen it, his wife just TOLD him to say that. Anyway it's the Friday before Christmas and there is nothing more interesting than maybe the prospect of seeing movies other than It's A Wonderful Life. Which… »12/21/07 10:00am12/21/07 10:00am

Will The World's Only Bankable Woman Actor Ruin Charlie Wilson's War?

A big story in the New York Times wonders whether the big-budget upcoming movie Charlie Wilson's War will be able to overcome the fact that it's about, like, history and politics and a seemingly obscure would-be footnote in Cold War history that fatefully happened to set the stage for the current War On Terror or… »12/17/07 6:30pm12/17/07 6:30pm