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The 24-Carat Campbell video game — in which you throw pebbles and diamonds at a cartoon version of Naomi — is not especially fun to play, but that's not the point. » 8/16/10 2:54pm 8/16/10 2:54pm

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Mia Farrow took the stand in the Charles Taylor war crimes trial, and her testimony directly differed from what Naomi Campbell told the court. » 8/09/10 10:13am 8/09/10 10:13am

Naomi Campbell Testifies, Says Blood Diamonds Looked Dirty

Today, Naomi Campbell told a war crimes tribunal in The Hague that after a dinner in 1997, some men knocked on the door of her room in the middle of the night and handed her a pouch of uncut diamonds. » 8/05/10 11:00am 8/05/10 11:00am

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British supermodel Naomi Campbell has been called to testify in the trial of former Liberian president Charles Ghankay Taylor at The Hague in the Netherlands — will she talk about her blood diamond? » 7/19/10 12:52pm 7/19/10 12:52pm

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The supermodel is in the French Riviera to celebrate her 40th. Her 65-meter yacht costs £350,000/week to charter, including its staff of 19. Prosecutors in Charles Taylor's trial yesterday announced they intend to subpoena Campbell. [Daily Mail, Earlier, Earlier] » 5/21/10 1:40pm 5/21/10 1:40pm

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Naomi Campbell, who has recently come under fire for allegedly accepting blood diamonds from warlord Charles Taylor, will be compelled to testify about said gems, if prosecutors in the Hague have their way. » 5/20/10 3:40pm 5/20/10 3:40pm