Charles Barkley Makes the Mistake of Calling San Antonio Women Ugly

During TNT's coverage of the NBA playoffs, cueball-headed flesh mountain Charles Barkley expressed some opinions on the physical attractiveness of San Antonio women that did not go over very well with actual San Antonio women. And so TNT sent out an Inside the NBA camera crew and a female commentator to gather what… »5/08/14 8:30pm5/08/14 8:30pm


Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Baby Is Squeezing Its Way Out of the Womb As We Speak!

Giuliana Rancic's gestational surrogate is in labor, and the internet insists that this information is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU and totally 100% your business. So here it is. Here is the information. A human baby is currently lodged in Giuliana Rancic's gestational surrogate's birth canal and is slowly but surely clawing… »8/29/12 8:40pm8/29/12 8:40pm

Charles Barkley Reveals His Weight Watchers Gig is a 'Scam'

If you take the number of celebrity endorsement deals and multiply it by the amount of time stars have a microphone strapped to them, that should equal dozens of PR disasters "caught on camera." Either most celebrities truly are loyal to the products they promote (unlikely) or they all live in fear of scandalous… »1/08/12 8:13pm1/08/12 8:13pm

SNL Warns You That Quitting Smoking Can Be Hilariously Dangerous

Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live last night, along with musical guest Kelly Clarkson (Boo! Hiss!). While he was a good sport and had a few funny moments—including dressing up as Joann, a pretty good-looking lady—the night's best moment came courtesy of Kristen Wiig. She totally nailed this commercial for… »1/08/12 2:05pm1/08/12 2:05pm