True Blood Author Charlaine Harris Lands Another Creepshow

Charlaine Harris — known for the series of books about Sookie Stackhouse which spawned the HBO series True Blood — just landed another TV deal. Her Harper Connelly mysteries — beginning with the book Grave Sight — will be a series on Syfy. » 4/24/12 4:45pm 4/24/12 4:45pm

True Blood's Charlaine Harris Now Writing Video Games

First there was storytelling around the fire. Then books. Then plays, then screenplays, then TV scripts. Nowadays a writer can spin a tale through a video game. Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse books — which spawned HBO's vampire soap, True Blood — has done just that. » 2/24/11 4:45pm 2/24/11 4:45pm