Selfie-Loving Sorority Girls Ask for Donations to Domestic Violence Charity 

This week the members of Arizona State’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority divided the internet. The young women dared to take selfies at an Arizona Diamondbacks game instead of focusing their full attention on baseball. Those selfies proved highly controversial for some dumb reason. The least amused was, no doubt, the… »10/03/15 12:00pm10/03/15 12:00pm


The Twizzler Challenge: Because the Ice Bucket Challenge Wasn't Enough

Remember last summer, when the Ice Bucket Challenge was in full swing and then it died down and a part of you felt guilty for feeling like, Phew, thank God that's over, because the charitable part means you shouldn't feel annoyed (right)? Take a deep breath, sit down, and meet its successor, the Twizzler Challenge. »3/18/15 10:50am3/18/15 10:50am

Pouring a Bucket of Ice Water Over Your Head Won't Cure ALS

The Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping my Facebook news feed and has gone as far as to be featured the Today Show, so it can now officially be classified as having gone viral. Celebrities like Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart, golfer Michelle Wei and even the digital team have participated in pouring buckets of… »8/07/14 5:00pm8/07/14 5:00pm

Man Makes Loom Band Dick Pouch, Wears It For Charity, Looks Pretty Good!

Man, I know that the loom band tutorials I watch late at night tell me that there's no limit to the things I can create with only some picks and a few rubber bands, but Patrick Kavanagh has really rocked my world with the graphic (and colorful) penis cozy he's created for charity. And for about 500 pounds, he'll… »8/06/14 8:30pm8/06/14 8:30pm

That Clothing Donation Bin Down the Block May Not Be What It Seems

One man’s trash is another man’s overseas profit at the European version of Buffalo Exchange. In New York, shady companies are placing “donation receptacles” around the city, claiming to share the gains with the needy; the items are actually being sold in bulk overseas or ending up in thrift stores. Not cool, bro. »7/07/14 5:00pm7/07/14 5:00pm

Generous Texas Man Pays Off Entire Elementary School's Lunch Debt

In a stunning act of generosity, Kenny Thompson — a father from Houston, Texas — has paid off the outstanding lunch debts of all of the children at a local elementary school where he mentors and tutors students. He was inspired to step up after reading about the school in Salt Lake City, Utah that recently garnered… »2/07/14 6:00pm2/07/14 6:00pm

Wedding Charity Maven Quietly Steals $5.1 Million From Her Job

Lots of people Social-Media-On-Company-Time-level hate their jobs. Many Badmouth-Their-Employer-To-Their-Friends level hate their jobs. Fewer still Steal-Shit-From-Work level hate their jobs. But one Maryland woman wins: she stole $5.1 million from her job over years... all while running a charity for military brides.… »11/26/13 1:30pm11/26/13 1:30pm

The Daily Show Is Auctioning Off The 'Sexy Vagina' Costume For Charity

Last week, Kristen Schaal made everyone pee a little with her hilarious Daily Show spot on the logical evolution of sexy Halloween costumes (as well as her accusation that Jon Stewart "fucks pizzas"). And now, TDS is auctioning off the gorgeous yet somewhat disturbing centerpiece of that segment — the "sexy vagina"… »10/28/13 1:40pm10/28/13 1:40pm

Romeo Rose Needs You to Help Him Pay His Electric Bill

Hey, laaaaydeeeeez who are not currently fat or black or all stretched out in the vagiiiiiiner! Romeo Rose is back, he still wants your (130-lbs-or-less) boday, and this time he's bringing a little something extra to the table. A little something called "negative $400 and a refrigerator full of spoiled food." Yeah. I… »10/23/13 1:00pm10/23/13 1:00pm

Diana Nyad Will Swim a Mere 48 Continuous Hours for Sandy Relief

For her next feat of strength, modern-day folk hero Diana Nyad will swim for 48 hours straight in a giant tank outside of Macy’s at Herald Square in New York, surrounded by celebrities and bitter jellyfish that have journeyed all the way up from Florida to see Nyad fail (tentacles crossed that she won’t). »10/05/13 3:00pm10/05/13 3:00pm