When it Comes to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions, Men Need Rewards, Women Need Social Pressure

Well, kids! A brand new year is menacingly high-tailing it upon us in the rearview mirror of our lives, AKA, time to scramble to transmogrify into a person with different thighs or a believable interest in Russia. That's right, it's time for New Year's Resolutions, that old hat we keep donning where we pick an… »12/28/12 4:10pm12/28/12 4:10pm

Swedish Lingerie Chain Invites Employees To Advertise Their Bra Size

A Swedish lingerie chain called Change has landed itself in some serious hot water for suggesting—or requiring, depending on whom you ask—that its saleswomen display their bra cup sizes on their name tags. The company claims that this practice was "designed to help customers see what size might be right for what body… »11/06/11 12:05pm11/06/11 12:05pm