Who Will Be Crowned King of the Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You’re settling in to catch up on the blogs you missed while “spending quality time” with your family. Right next to you is a juicy pile of meat slapped between two pieces of rustic Italian loaf. Maybe there’s some lettuce on there. Maybe you went big and added some stuffing. There’s… »Friday 2:00pm11/27/15 2:00pm


I'm Learning What 'For Worse' Means Before We Even Get Married

When Joe and I adopted Cheddar, a scared, three-year-old blonde terrier mutt who looked like a small, fat, elderly lion, I was excited to have our first shared responsibility. It was a first step toward a long life of joining forces and making real, living things happier and healthier and stronger than they would… »7/17/15 10:10am7/17/15 10:10am

How to Survive a Marriage When You Both Work From Home

In advance of our wedding last May, my husband and I were warned, frequently, that “the first year of marriage is the hardest.” I had always assumed this well-worn piece of advice was really about making the adjustment to cohabitation, which can coincide with the first year of marriage but is kind of a separate issue. »6/17/15 2:10pm6/17/15 2:10pm