Dina Lohan Slurs Her Way Through Disastrous Dr. Phil Interview

Dina Lohan taped a soon-to-be-infamous interview with Dr. Phil (set to air Sept. 17) in which she fidgets and slumps and giggles all over the place like a sun-dried tomato on Adderall. You have to hand it to the lady—it's not easy to make Dr. Phil look like the most sane and reasonable clump of atoms in the room (fun… »9/13/12 8:40pm9/13/12 8:40pm

Watch Alleged Wife-Abuser Chad Ochocinco Get Fired from the Miami Dolphins

Good news, ladies! Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, is back on the market after his wife (who he only married on July 4th) filed for divorce earlier this week. Now, now, before you all go tearing off your bra to get to him, you might want to know this one tiny caveat — Chad may have… »8/15/12 3:00pm8/15/12 3:00pm

Your Boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cast In The New Batman Film

The Internet's panties simultaneously moistened upon hearing the news that former hallucinating Angels fan/ lovestruck teenager who crushes on a girl with seriously questionable taste in prom dresses/ jaw-droppingly hot man looking stern in a suit Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing bad guy Alberto Falcone in the new »3/20/11 10:35am3/20/11 10:35am