Lingerie Company Uses Bouncing Animated Boobs to Sell Bras

In these ads for France's Valege lingerie, perfectly round and enthusiastic CGI breasts joyfully reunite in various scenarios. Because, you know, squishing your breasts together makes them very happy, as they're in a codependent love relationship with each other. Actually, it's getting kind-of unhealthy; get therapy. »2/19/13 9:15pm2/19/13 9:15pm


If Pixar Made A War Movie, It Would Look Like Apocalypse Meow

While the trailer at left features the same fluffy animals that populate most computer-animated films, Apocalypse Meow is definitely not a kids movie. Based on the Japanese manga Cat Shit One, the Animal Farm-like series features rabbits portraying American soldiers attacking turban-wearing camels in the Middle… »5/21/09 2:40pm5/21/09 2:40pm