Bethann Hardison to Win CFDA Award for Work Promoting Runway Diversity

Great news: the amazing and incomparable Bethann Hardison — former supermodel and agency owner, founder of the Balance Diversity campaign and outspoken critic of fashion's abysmal track record when it comes to showcasing diversity — will receive the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Founder's Award, which… »3/12/14 5:00pm3/12/14 5:00pm

Watch Hillary Clinton Pitch New Show 'Project Pantsuit' at the CFDA's

Calling all Hillary worshippers (aka everyone on Earth): Here's another instance of Hil being awesome. At last night's CFDA's, among the stiff jokes served by Bravo's Andy Cohen, former Secretary of State and full time badass Hillary Clinton pitched a new show for Bravo for an audience she believes is "small but… »6/04/13 4:26pm6/04/13 4:26pm

DVF Apologizes For Having An Underaged Model In Her Show

  • When you're the president of an organization — the Council of Fashion Designers of America — tasked with asking its members not to hire girls under the age of 16 as runway models, it's pretty embarrassing when a 15-year-old turns up in your own fashion show. (Even if she allegedly turns 16 next month!) But that's…
  • »2/23/11 12:00pm2/23/11 12:00pm