Bret Easton Ellis: Still A Misogynist

Today in Tweet Beat, Bret Easton Ellis makes a sweeping generalization about women. Plus, Christ Brown is angling for a duet with Beyoncé. » 7/01/11 7:30pm 7/01/11 7:30pm

Snoop Dogg & Susan Lucci Hang Out

Today in Tweet Beat, check out the photographic evidence of Erika Kane meeting Tha Doggfather. Plus, Mark Zuckerberg hires The Dog Whisperer to train his puppy. » 3/30/11 7:30pm 3/30/11 7:30pm

Celebs Turn To God After Japan Earthquake

Today in Tweet Beat, everyone—from Snooki to Snoop—is putting Japan in their prayers. Do all these people actually even pray? Or is that something that they just think they should say. Also, some celebs aren't letting this kind of tweet stop them from also self-promoting. » 3/11/11 7:30pm 3/11/11 7:30pm

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