Dax Shepard Explains His Call to Boycott Paparazzi Photos of Kids

Earlier this week, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell asked their fans to boycott magazines that use photos of celebrity children taken by the paparazzi. In a post that went up on his Tumblr Friday entitled "Celebrity Orgy," Shepard expanded on his rationale behind joining the ranks of celebrities who have gotten… »1/31/14 6:30pm1/31/14 6:30pm

Snoop Dogg Buys His Daughter a Shiny New Music Video

Cory B. is the 12-year-old daughter of rapper/True Blood fan Snoop Dogg and she's launching a music career of her very own (sort of). First of all, go outside and play tag, Cory B! You're 12 and the music career can wait. Secondly, here's the video for her song Daddy's Girl, which you should watch and then make up… »3/30/12 5:45pm3/30/12 5:45pm