Trio Behind Fake George Clooney Fashion Line Sentenced To Jail

Remember when George Clooney found out three men in Italy were going into business with a supposed George Clooney fashion line called "GC Exclusive," and using his name and image to market it? To bolster their claims of association with Clooney, they took a picture of themselves with a different man, and Photoshopped… »5/11/11 3:45pm5/11/11 3:45pm


Ashley Judd To Design Cheap Clothing Line, Burberry Targets Renaissance Faire Demographic

  • Ashley Judd is designing an el cheapo clothing line a la Sarah Jessica Parker. The lucky recipient of this collection: The clothing chain Goody's. Which makes sense in the "paradigmatic" sense until you're like, wait a second, Ashley Judd? Who the fuck ever paid attention to her outfits? Does simultaneously belonging…
  • »6/15/07 10:32am6/15/07 10:32am