After World's Longest Pregnancies, Hilary Duff Bests Jessica Simpson in the Race to Give Birth

For a while now, it's seemed like Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson have been competing to see which of them could be pregnant the longest time. By our estimate, they've both been with child since the Bush Administration, but now Hilary Duff has given in and brought her healthy baby boy out into the open. She and her…

This Week In Tabloids: Madonna & A-Rod Are Soulmates; Mary-Kate Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Heath Ledger

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which we read mind-numbing celebrity tabloids so you don't have to. Madonna and A-Rod win covers this week, as do the spawn of Jamie Lynn Spears, celebrity babies in general and Mary-Kate Olsen. Intern Margaret assists as we search for cool news on this scorching hot day. Reviews of