BTW, Pippa Middleton Is Something of an Epicurean

Critics — the Telegraph book critic Christopher Howse who looks like a Santa Claus that's been turned into a Dracula Santa Claus (incidentally, a sure-fire title for a spec script for Supernatural (you're welcome)) — have not been kind to Pippa Middleton's new book, Celebrate, which is about how much Pippa Middleton… » 11/04/12 2:01pm 11/04/12 2:01pm

International Women's Day: What You Can Do

Today marks the 100th International Women's Day. Here, some of the many events to help you get involved — today and the other 364. » 3/08/11 12:35pm 3/08/11 12:35pm

You can hear IWD-themed audio programs from around the world — both specific to International Women's Day or simply celebrating the accomplishments of a diverse group of women — …