Crap Letter from a Dude, Irate French Filmmaker Edition

Blue Is the Warmest Color, that critical darling of a French film that won the Palme d’Or and Steven Spielberg’s undying affections for its epic (it’s a three-hour movie) and graphic lesbian sex scenes, has been generating a ton of controversy ahead of its U.S. release date. An open (and very crappy) letter from the… »10/28/13 2:40pm10/28/13 2:40pm


Crappiest Crap Email Ever: Whiny Guy, Asian Fetish, Faked Death

As a stand-alone, this crap email from a white guy with an Asian fetish to the Asian asexual woman who didn't want to date him would be a worthy addition to the Crap Email From A Dude Hall of Fame. But the crap writer of this crap email didn't stop at an overwrought, way over-the-top message to the indifferent ether;… »10/08/13 3:31pm10/08/13 3:31pm

That Time Ernest Hemingway Described His Ideal Bro Paradise

In between comparing dicks and boozing it up around Paris, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald found time to write letters to each other (Hemingway’s letters were basically telegrams and Fitzgerald’s reeked of booze and cigarettes). Sometimes, they exchanged idle gossip, but other times, as is evident in a… »10/06/13 3:45pm10/06/13 3:45pm

Humane Society Gets Crap Email From Dickhead Lawmaker

There have been some truly egregious political fuck-ups in the past, and while Tennessee Republican State Rep. Andy Holt’s email exchange with the Humane Society’s public policy coordinator in which he compares the Humane Society investigations to the human trafficking of 17-year-old women and makes use of the phrase… »4/30/13 1:00pm4/30/13 1:00pm

This Stripper Definitely Had a Worse Valentine's Day Than You

Feel better about your lack of Valentines and/or worse about humanity after reading this story from Allison, an exotic dancer who told us about a creepy customer who thought that because it was Valentine's Day — well, really, because Allison's a stripper — he had the right to repeatedly disrupt her workday. You see,… »2/15/13 5:40pm2/15/13 5:40pm

Crap Email From a Dude: '$30, and Then We're Square'

In theory, preemptive Facebook stalking should serve to help would-be blind daters avoid an awkward first encounter. In practice, it can entangle you in a web of awkwardness and obligation, and then give people you never care to speak to again a means to contact you — crappily. In today's edition of Crap Email from a… »6/08/12 5:40pm6/08/12 5:40pm

Vera Wang's Dad Wrote An Epically Nasty CEFAD To His 30-Year Mistress

Were you looking for a story that involved a $120 million estate, marital infidelity, a prominent fashion designer, a lawsuit, international flights to see the dying, and a deathbed breakup contract? If so, you're in luck. The estate of C.C. Wang, Vera Wang's oil-millionaire dad, has prevailed in a lawsuit with Wang … »4/19/12 1:40pm4/19/12 1:40pm

Crap Email from a Dude: The 'Dunbest' Pro-Abuse State Legislator

When we first met Wisconsin state legislator and dazzlingly insensitive jerk Don Pridemore, he charmingly suggested that rather than get divorced, people getting the crap beaten out of them by their spouses should try to remember why they fell in love with them in the first place. One woman found this upsetting and… »3/23/12 5:40pm3/23/12 5:40pm

'I Am Sure in Your Mind That This Was Some Big Step for Girl Power'

Most of us have received a crap email or two in our day. You know the type — the ex who tries to make you feel bad about yourself, the forgotten hookup who's convinced he was the most important person in your life, the date who inelegantly demands a second chance. But these are all garden-variety assholery compared to… »3/05/12 3:45pm3/05/12 3:45pm

Crap Email From a Dude: Rush Limbaugh Fanboy Extravaganza Edition

Yesterday, I wrote a post wherein I wasn't very nice to undifferentiated meat sack Rush Limbaugh in response to his on-air assertion that women who want free birth control must be whores. Without delay, his more fawning fans decided to briefly crawl out of their Confederate Flag Snuggies and give me a piece of their… »3/01/12 3:40pm3/01/12 3:40pm

Crap Email from a Dude: State Lawmaker Who Can't Get Laid Edition

Last week, Virginia Republican Dave Albo entertained a crowd of his legislature buddies with a hilarious House floor story of how his wife wouldn't have sex with him because of Virginia's Mandatory Ultrasound Bill. Many were upset that locker room talk was occurring on the taxpayer's dime, and one reader wrote to… »2/27/12 3:00pm2/27/12 3:00pm

Investment Banker Proves Dating Is Getting Ever More Crappy

"Lauren" met "Mike" one night at the New York Philharmonic. Little is known about the exact nature of their interaction during their one date — though Lauren described it as "HORRIFIC" — but afterwards, Mike sent Lauren a 1605-word email reproach-cum-Jeremiad-cum-plea for a second date. It's now making the rounds,… »12/07/11 4:35pm12/07/11 4:35pm