Listen to 'What A Wonderful World' 16 Different Ways

Collective Cadenza is back with another camera-whirling, music-bending video, this time taking "What A Wonderful World" and spanning it across sixteen Western music genres. Who would have known that the utopian pop song — first made famous by Louis Armstrong — would sound so good as a Gregorian chant? » 7/11/12 7:45pm 7/11/12 7:45pm

'Aces of Bass' is One Delightfully Classy Ace of Base Tribute

Here's another awesome video from CDZA, the collective behind Pianists in Paris. This time, however, they've abandoned the ivories and modern music of Jay-Z and Kanye West to celebrate something a little more nostalgic: the songs of '90s supergroup Ace of Base. One guess as to what instrument they're doing it on. » 6/27/12 4:20pm 6/27/12 4:20pm