CBC "Condoned" Jian Ghomeshi's Sexual Misconduct: Report

According to a damning report released Thursday by internal investigators of workplace practices at the CBC, management at the Canadian broadcaster "condoned" the "intimidating, humiliating, hostile, or offensive work environment" Q host Jian Ghomeshi created. »4/17/15 10:01am4/17/15 10:01am

CBC Plans to Scrub the Archives of Jian Ghomeshi's Old Show 

At this point, a whopping 23 women have accused former Q host Jian Ghomeshi of sexual assault or harassment. Meanwhile, Ghomeshi's old employer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, continues to relentlessly flub their handling of the situation. Earlier this week they announced plans to pull down the archived Q »12/17/14 2:15pm12/17/14 2:15pm

Ex-CBC Employee: Jian Ghomeshi Is a Creep; CBC Brass Are Lying Weenies

Among the many allegations against former Q host Jian Ghomeshi were those of a former coworker who claimed that her old boss once said he wanted to "hatefuck her." Now, that employee—who was previously anonymous for professional reasons—has come forward with more details about what a fucking ordeal working for… »12/02/14 11:50am12/02/14 11:50am

Your Edgy Jian Ghomeshi Halloween Costume Was Not an Original Idea

If you're a self-identified irreverent guy who wanted to spend Halloween in a costume so uniquely Too Soon that bowties would spin in offense and monocles would pop out in surprise, during your hunt for that perfectly distasteful getup, your mind might have alit on dressing like alleged sexual abuser Jian Ghomeshi.… »11/03/14 11:50am11/03/14 11:50am

Toronto Police Are Investigating Allegations Against Jian Ghomeshi

It has been about a week since the story of Jian Ghomeshi's firing and history of sexual abuse broke. Now, Toronto police have launched a criminal investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and are asking the public for assistance by coming forward with any type of evidence that could be related to their case. »11/01/14 12:50pm11/01/14 12:50pm

Jian Ghomeshi Showed Graphic Film of Himself Beating Women to the CBC

Increasingly unhinged-sounding Canadian DJ Jian Ghomeshi was fired from his job at the CBC last weekend after allegations surfaced that he had been subjecting women to sexual violence to which they did not consent for years. But before he was fired, he made sure he showed his colleagues a film he thought would prove… »10/31/14 7:00pm10/31/14 7:00pm

Amanda Palmer Cancels Onstage Interview with Jian Ghomeshi

Now that nine women have come forward with detailed sexual abuse allegations against former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi, musician Amanda Palmer announced on her blog today that Ghomeshi will no longer be a guest during her book tour. He was due to join her in an onstage conversation in Toronto on November 25. Palmer… »10/31/14 5:40pm10/31/14 5:40pm

Jian Ghomeshi Responds to Sex Abuse Allegations Like a Real Creep

This weekend, Canada's media world was rocked by news that Jian Ghomeshi, co-creator and host of CBC's popular radio show Q, had been fired by the broadcast network due to "personal issues." Those "personal issues" turned out to be allegations of a long record of creepiness culminating, in some cases, in sexual abuse. »10/27/14 2:10pm10/27/14 2:10pm

Women In Tiny Town Leave Household Duties To Their Husbands

According to Reuters, 70% of Canadian households are run by women, and most of those women are also holding down full-time jobs. The Canadian national channel, the CBC, is using these statistics as the backbone for a forthcoming special called The Week The Women Went, based on a BBC documentary of the same name. CBC… »1/25/08 9:30am1/25/08 9:30am