Casey Anthony Reportedly in Talks with NBC for TV Deal

Four years after she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee, Page Six is reporting that Casey Anthony is in talks with NBC for a potential interview. Someone once jokingly offered Anthony $10,000 not to write or say anything about her case. It’s safe to say that any news network who does manage to… » 6/03/15 11:50am 6/03/15 11:50am

Casey Anthony Allegedly Googled 'Fool Proof Suffocation' Methods

Investigators who looked into the 2008 death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony have missed an important piece of evidence that could have possibly (though probably wouldn't have) changed the verdict in the trial of Casey Anthony, the girl's mother who was acquitted of murder in 2011. As it turns out, the prosecution… » 11/26/12 10:50am 11/26/12 10:50am

Casey Anthony: Caylee Was the Product of Rape

There's more today from the woman you probably never wanted to hear about again. A week after Casey Anthony's video diary was leaked under mysterious circumstances, she's getting a chance to share her side of the story again, via mental health evaluations conducted during her trial. The doctors' depositions paint… » 1/11/12 10:05pm 1/11/12 10:05pm

Nancy Grace Angrily Defends Herself to Bill O'Reilly

Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter by a Florida jury last week, Nancy Grace's post-verdict coverage on HLN has remained bombastically biased against her, causing many to wonder if Grace had finally crossed the line. She certainly didn't do much to placate her critics with an appearance… » 7/12/11 11:16am 7/12/11 11:16am