Cavemen Were So Freaking High When They Made All Those Cave Paintings

If you've thought about it at all, you've probably come to the conclusion that being a caveman sucked. There was NO Internet, NO such thing as burritos, you spent all your time during the day grunting and escaping predators, and you also carried on your hunched-over hominid shoulders the responsibility of the whole… »7/15/13 12:20pm7/15/13 12:20pm

Paul Janka, John Fitzgerald Page Try To Out-Douche Each Other On Dr. Phil

"Casanova Caveman" Paul Janka and "The Worst Person in the World" John Fitzgerald Page both appeared on Dr. Phil today for a show about men with huge egos. I, for one, would be shocked if either of these 'bags get laid anytime soon — if ever again — because they just let millions of women know just what giant tools… »5/07/08 7:00pm5/07/08 7:00pm

Coming Up On Dr. Phil: Paul Janka, Caveman Casanova

Dr. Phil has been running commercials for all-new, jaw-dropping episodes coming up in May, and guess who is among the guests? Paul Janka. In a brief 30-second spot, we learn that, while in the Dr. Phil studio, he hit on the show's staff, and that he continues to embrace his inner Neanderthal. "I invoke the idea of a… »4/24/08 7:00pm4/24/08 7:00pm

Caveman Confronts "View" Creationist Sherri Shepherd

When we first learned that the forthcoming sitcom Cavemen was based on those Geico car insurance commercials, we just sort of groaned. But we might be changing our minds after one of the show's stars, Nick Kroll, showed up in character on The View yesterday, and openly mocked Sherri Shepherd for not believing in… »10/02/07 1:00pm10/02/07 1:00pm