At Long Last, Video Proof That Cats Strike Smarter Poses than Dogs

Science has claimed that dogs are, in fact, smarter than cats, but it has also suggested that cat owners are smarter than dog owners, so the cat vs. dog debate is really at an impasse. No longer! This video offers indisputable (read: very easily disputed) proof that cats are master chess players and enjoy gourmet… » 9/20/12 11:15pm 9/20/12 11:15pm

Cats vs. Dogs: Judgment Day Has Arrived

This is it. The day we've been waiting for. We started this war with 16 supercute kitties and 16 precious puppies. Now, brave warriors — Tiger! Pit Bull! Tabby! MUTT!!! — lie fallen on the bloodied fields. Only two critters remain: Tuxedo and Corgi. One cat. One dog. And there can only be one winner. We must declare,… » 4/05/11 4:30pm 4/05/11 4:30pm

Cats vs. Dogs: The Top Seeds Have Left The Building

Do you feel that? It's fur. And it's static-y, brimming with energy and excitement and electricity — because the end of the big dance is near. But first, there are two tough players waiting to move forward, to take a shot at greatness. The Final Four is around the corner, so grab your sunblock, because someone's… » 4/01/11 4:05pm 4/01/11 4:05pm

Cats vs. Dogs: Ladies And Gents, Meet Your Elite Eight

Our game began with 32 brave players, but after a fierce, fur-flying frenzy, we have only eight strong competitors left. Yes, friends: Just four cats and four dogs remain, and we are one step closer to declaring a victor! Who will it be? Team Bow-wow or Team Meow? The remaining ballers are Tiger, Hobbes, Tuxedo,… » 3/31/11 3:15pm 3/31/11 3:15pm