Please Enjoy These Cat Acrobats Not Giving a Damn About Being on the Late Show 

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert’s Late Show featured some truly wondrous live entertainment: the Amazing Acro-cats. In keeping with their nature (i.e., being cats), they were quite desultory about their performance. At one point, the host himself felt obliged to pitch in. Just hand the entire late-night lineup over… »11/17/15 10:35am11/17/15 10:35am


Investigation: Can Cat Hair Really Get Stuck In Your Vagina for Months?

Earlier this week, Michelle Barrow made headlines when she revealed (exclusively to XOJane) that she’d gotten cat hair tangles in her IUD due to both the vigorous thrusting of her partner and the fact that her bed was covered lightly in cat hair. Is this possible, everyone on the internet wondered; Is a hair ball… »9/04/15 6:30pm9/04/15 6:30pm

Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Tour Assistant For a Traveling Cat Circus?

I know it’s Friday and that you’re probably too excited about the weekend to do something as mentally exhausting as re-thinking what remains of your life path, but I have a few questions to ask. 1. Do you like cats? Yes? OK. 2. Do you like having fun? Great. 3. Do you want a new job? If you’re unsure about that one,… »8/28/15 3:30pm8/28/15 3:30pm

Australia to Imprison the Country's Most Dangerous Predators: Cats

Australia, known for dangerous animals such as the inland taipan (the world’s most venomous snake) and drop bears (real) is facing an animal crisis that’s been building for the past 200 years. What, you may ask, is more frightening than the box jellyfish or the common—common—death adder? It’s your average everyday… »7/29/15 12:30pm7/29/15 12:30pm