Lady Gaga Tells Cathy Horyn and Her Boyfriend to 'Suck My Dick'

Well, this is strange. Lady Gaga performed during the Mugler show in Paris. Okay, that's not so strange, but this is: she rapped. Stranger still: she rapped in the persona of a man, with her voice distorted to sound male. And what did Lady Gaga rap about, you ask? Why, she took this opportunity to exhort an… »10/01/12 2:40pm10/01/12 2:40pm

Rich People Now Buying $1200 Dresses For Their Toddlers

Need a $1200 Lanvin dress for your preschooler? How about a $375 Burberry trench coat for your first-grader? Today in class-rage hate-reads, the Times looks at the phenomenon of designer children's wear. Blah blah blah journalistic ass-covering about how this is trend is "growing" goes here, numbers figures numbers… »4/26/12 6:00pm4/26/12 6:00pm