Cool Pope to Catholics: Don't Be Selfish, Breed Like Rabbits!

Last month, Pope Francis won the hearts and minds of many nonbelievers when he told reporters that having too many children is an irresponsible choice and that just because humans could breed like rabbits, they probably shouldn't. Now, after he's come under fire from Catholics around the world, he's changed his mind. »2/11/15 12:50pm2/11/15 12:50pm

Catholic League President Loses His Shit Over Gay Rights in Arizona

Have you consumed the FDA recommended serving of schadenfreude today? Better watch this clip of Catholic League President Bill Donohue, a famous sufferer of both congenital bigotry and progressive Irish Fat Head Syndrome, freaking the hell out about Arizona governor Jan Brewer's rejection of a bill that would have… »2/27/14 12:40pm2/27/14 12:40pm

Yet Another Catholic School Forces Teacher to Quit for Being Gay

Whether it's the Affordable Care Act or dealing with gay teachers, Catholic institutions have trouble going against the Pope. The latest one to claim, "It's not us; it's that big guy up there" is Mount St. Mary Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. The principal there, Diane Wolfe, did a cool thing this week and fired a… »10/18/13 12:15pm10/18/13 12:15pm

Coolest Pope Ever Urges Catholics to Chill Out About Abortion and Gays

Pope Francis, the hippest, most bro'd down Pope since Pope Brad the Chill (not a real pope), just did a long interview with an Italian newspaper — and it was the stuff of right wing nightmares. During the interview, the head of the Church stopped just short of chiding modern church leaders who are "obsessed" with… »9/19/13 2:30pm9/19/13 2:30pm

Creepy Catholic Website Explains Why Women Shouldn't Go to College

If you're an 18-year-old adult woman on the fence about whether or not your parents "should" "let" you go to college, fret no more! The internet provides, as always, in the form of this staggeringly terrible listicle from (which, as far as I can tell, is a machine where you put in Catholicism and the… »9/12/13 11:20am9/12/13 11:20am

For-Profit Companies Get Their Day in Court Over Your Whore Pills

It's contraception game time: puritanical fairytale "morals" will go up against the Obamacare birth control mandate over the next few weeks as four different appeals courts decide whether private businesses should be able to object to the policy on the grounds of religious freedom/thinking unchained vaginas are icky.… »5/22/13 4:00pm5/22/13 4:00pm

Spanish Anarchists Sent an Explosive Box of Sex Toys to Catholic Leaders

A Spanish anarchist that sometimes goes by the super-catchy name Anticlerical Pro Sex Toys Group says it sent explosive devices hidden within boxes of vibrators to prominent ultra-conservative Catholics in Spain, because nothing screams SUSPICIOUS when you’re an abstemious cleric than receiving a shipment of sex toys.… »4/21/13 3:00pm4/21/13 3:00pm

Ireland Is Opening an Inquest into the Awful Death of Savita Halappanavar

Ireland is set to open an inquest into the horrifying (and probably unnecessary) death of Savita Halappanavar, the Indian dentist who died from suspected complications from septacaemia after the hospital that admitted her reportedly refused to terminate her pregnancy. Halappanavar was 17 weeks pregnant at the time. »4/07/13 12:30pm4/07/13 12:30pm

All Hell Breaks Loose After Pope Washes Women's Feet

The Vatican collapsed in a puff of smoke and funny hats this morning following Pope Francis's sacrilegious decision to wash and kiss the feet of two young women at a juvenile detention center in Rome on Holy Thursday. Well, not yet, but the gesture angered conservatives and liturgical purists who believe Francis set a… »3/29/13 10:25am3/29/13 10:25am

Spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland Admits That the Church Isn’t Very Good with Sexuality

The Catholic Church has always had some difficulty solving the organic Rubix Cube that is the human body. For instance, how does sex work, hmm? The apostles never say, exactly, so its been left to the Church's clergy to piece some sort of palatable explanation together so that Catholics everywhere know best how to… »3/10/13 12:30pm3/10/13 12:30pm

Your Hospital Might Be Catholic, and That Might Be a Problem

Around one in eight Americans seeks treatment at a Catholic hospital, whether they realize it or not. In the Northwest, the percentage of Catholic hospitals is 44 percent and growing. The Stranger has a great piece on Catholics who are taking over and potentially imposing their faith on your health care. Here's a… »2/20/13 4:50pm2/20/13 4:50pm

Just Give Us Our Goddamn Morning-After Pills Already

American women have more than doubled their use of emergency contraception in recent years, thanks mostly to millennials, according to the latest episode of Girls. No, just kidding; we know 11 percent of women have used emergency contraception at least once, up from 4.2 percent in 2002, and that nearly one in four… »2/14/13 11:30am2/14/13 11:30am