Surprise: Catholic Cardinal Blames Women for Church's Problems 

Raymond Leo Burke is an American Catholic cardinal who was recently demoted by Pope Francis for insubordination. He's now in a largely ornamental job and thoroughly discredited, but seems to be turning his attention to a new foe: Women. The Church has become "feminized," Burke says, and that's what's tearing it… »1/14/15 8:00pm1/14/15 8:00pm

Creepy Catholic Website Explains Why Women Shouldn't Go to College

If you're an 18-year-old adult woman on the fence about whether or not your parents "should" "let" you go to college, fret no more! The internet provides, as always, in the form of this staggeringly terrible listicle from FixTheFamily.com (which, as far as I can tell, is a machine where you put in Catholicism and the… »9/12/13 11:20am9/12/13 11:20am

Shh: NY Catholic Church Quietly Paying for Birth Control, Abortions

The New York Archdiocese is suing the federal government to stop the mandate that employer-paid insurance policies must cover birth control, with Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York leading the fight claiming that it is unconstitutional to force the church to fund "such morally illicit activities." But it turns out… »5/28/13 12:30pm5/28/13 12:30pm

LA Archdiocese Is Broke From Paying Victims of Child Molestation

Last Thursday, the Los Angeles Archdiocese released 12,000 pages of internal files on priests accused of sexually abusing children. This was supposed to complete the terms of the settlement they signed with victims six years ago (one that gave $660 million to more than 500 victims). However, many of the victims are… »2/06/13 9:30am2/06/13 9:30am

'Birth Control Is Turning the Men Gay!' 14 Lessons from the Most Bizarre Anti-Contraception Video Ever

In the run-up to an election, it's not uncommon for special interest groups to release ads pushing a specific agenda in the hopes of swaying voters as they head to the polls. But only once in a generation does a social awareness ad reach the heights of hyperbole-murdering crazy reached by this anti-contraception… »10/02/12 11:30am10/02/12 11:30am

Catholic Bishops Launch an Investigation Into the Evil Sex-Mongering Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts have been the topic of much discussion among conservatives lately, and it's pretty much been determined that the little badge-wearing ladies are tiny minions of terror who run around spreading sexxxy liberal propaganda. Well, thank God, now the Catholic Church is getting involved and has decided to… »5/11/12 11:45am5/11/12 11:45am

Nuns Are Probably the Best Thing the Catholic Church Has Going For It Nowadays

After the crusty old honchos at the Vatican on Wednesday charged the Leadership Conference of Women Religious with "radical feminism" and vowed to stamp out any perceived dissent from Church policies amongst nuns, the general public immediately offered the sisters its overwhelming support and sympathy, circulating… »4/22/12 11:30am4/22/12 11:30am

American Nuns Busted for Being a Crazy Bunch of Radical Feminists

Offering further proof that the world is becoming an increasingly weird place, the Catholic Church has decided to crack down on American nuns who, as anyone who has been around a nun recently knows, are a bunch of freewheeling party sisters. Wait, what? Yes, the Vatican has just taken disciplinary action against a… »4/19/12 3:20pm4/19/12 3:20pm

Women Try to Rebrand the Catholic Church's Position on Contraception

Catholicism is well known for its opposition to contraception, but some women within the church are attempting to paint the church's stance on birth control as freeing rather than restrictive. How are they going to pull that off? By promoting natural family planning as an accepted Catholic practice for avoiding… »4/16/12 12:00pm4/16/12 12:00pm

Thanks to Catholic Church, 200 Suspected Child Molesters Are Roaming Free

At this point, we have pretty strict measures for keeping track of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders once they've served their time. But unfortunately there's one large organization that's managed to circumvent these rules and seems to be fine with some 200 suspected child molesters living more or less… »2/14/12 12:30pm2/14/12 12:30pm

Catholic University Refuses to Remove Rape Survivor from Anti-Choice Listserv

Sarah, a senior at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., didn't appreciate being spammed about last month's March for Life on her school email address, so she emailed the sender, an Associate Campus Minister for Women's Ministry and Social Justice, and asked to be taken off the list. "I am a pro-choice… »2/13/12 5:00pm2/13/12 5:00pm

Catholic Group Battles Government Over Right To Deny Birth Control & Abortions To Trafficking Victims

Once again Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of religious discrimination because they believe "freedom of religion" means that they should have the freedom to impose their religious beliefs on every American. Sadly this time they're toying with the health of one of the most vulnerable groups… »11/13/11 11:58pm11/13/11 11:58pm

The Catholic Church Has Been Quietly Selling Porn In Germany

The Catholic Church is no stranger to preaching one thing and doing another. There are, of course, the recent sexual abuse cases, and who can forget the Crusades? Now we have a new—less egregious but still annoying—violation to add to the list! Here goes: It turns out that the Catholic Church in Germany owns a… »11/06/11 4:20pm11/06/11 4:20pm

Catholic Church Extends Forgiveness For Abortion, But Only Through Sunday

If you're a Catholic woman who's had an abortion and are interested in no longer being excommunicated, you should make your way to Madrid — fast. In a special, limited-time offer, the church is making it easier for those who confess to having an abortion to obtain absolution and rejoin the church. »8/19/11 5:40pm8/19/11 5:40pm