Leo Dumps Blake Lively For Being Too Into Blake Lively

Blake Lively's been dumped, you guys. After they were seen yacht-hopping and jet-setting and canoodling all over Europe, Leonardo di Caprio has given Blake the heave-ho. Apparently Leo's mom didn't like Blake. When they met, Blake was nervous, so she talked a lot, and Leo's German-born mother Irmelin did not like that… »7/21/11 9:00am7/21/11 9:00am

The Royal Wedding Live: Minute By Breathtaking Minute

Good morning! Or, perhaps, if you have stayed up all night, good evening! Following a brief and glorious engagement, the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Catherine Middleton has arrived. We're watching NBC, and we have an Authentic British Person™ chiming in from time to time. Pour yourself a cup of tea and join… »4/29/11 5:07am4/29/11 5:07am