Because Catherine Hardwicke Loved Eating Things On Sticks With Me

BEVERLY HILLS - June 10: (L-R) Singer Songwriter Diane Warren and Director Catherine Hardwicke, pose at the Step Up Women's Network's 8th Annual Inspiration Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. » 6/11/11 12:30pm 6/11/11 12:30pm

Catherine Hardwicke On Shooting Sex Scenes

"Not to point to the elephant in the room," said moderator Jay Fernandez to Catherine Hardwicke today, "but what does that have to do with being a woman?" » 3/12/11 5:40pm 3/12/11 5:40pm

Director Catherine Hardwicke's Kinky Thoughts On Red Riding Hood

Catherine Hardwicke didn't go to film school. She was an architecture student. But a gritty movie called Thirteen earned Hardwicke the directing award at Sundance in 2003, and suddenly, she was the "hot new filmmaker," at age 47. She cast Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a little film called Twilight, and now… » 2/28/11 5:22pm 2/28/11 5:22pm

Twilight Director: Only Men Were Considered To Helm The Fighter

"I couldn't get an interview" to direct The Fighter "even though my last movie made $400 million," Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke said. "I was told it had to be directed by a man — am I crazy?" Is she? » 2/01/11 5:08pm 2/01/11 5:08pm

Red Riding Hood Is Not The New Twilight...It's Better

Director Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first SparkleVamp film, has created a dark fairy-tale mystery in Red Riding Hood. Someone wrote it's "just Twilight with a cape." No way! It looks so much better. » 11/18/10 3:55pm 11/18/10 3:55pm

Bret Michaels Talking, "Doing Good" After Brain Hemorrhage; Lindsay…

Variety: Maddow, Mad Men Influencing Entertainment

We scoured Variety's 12th annual Women's Impact Report, which recognizes the 50 female "movers and shakers" in entertainment, and learned Tina Fey may have been too honored this year, January Jones loves sharks, and Rachel Maddow is passionate about alcohol. » 9/24/09 4:00pm 9/24/09 4:00pm

Morgan To Marry Step-Granddaughter; Jim Carrey To Be A Grandpa

Twilight Director Canned For Being "Irrational" And "Difficult"

Despite the fact that Twilight has already made a profit of about $100 million in the space of 3 weeks, Nikki Finke broke the news yesterday that director Catherine Hardwicke was fired from the Vampire-lovin' franchise. She will not direct New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, and an insider from Summit Films tells Finke… » 12/08/08 2:30pm 12/08/08 2:30pm

Lindsay Lohan & Sean Penn: Spotted Snuggling!!!???