Matt and Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World Have Separated

Matt and Amy Roloff, the couple at the center of of TLC's Little People, Big World, have announced their decision to separate after 26 years of marriage. I've only seen the show once or twice, so I have little understanding of their family dynamics, but I wish them and their kids the best. I can't imagine how… »3/13/14 8:00pm3/13/14 8:00pm


Great Vogue Editions Think Alike: China Battles Japan Over Coat

  • Oh no! The sameJohn Galliano coat appears on the cover of both Vogue China and Vogue Japan this month? You think they got them mixed up??? [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Celeb fragrances? We know, you were worried the whole industry was dying! But no. New scents from Jennifer Lopez, Tim McGraw, Sean "Jay-Z" Carter's Rocawear,…
  • »12/07/07 12:00pm12/07/07 12:00pm

Karl Lagerfeld And Claudia Schiffer: Divas Separated At Birth?

  • After shooting her for a Dom Perignon campaign, Karl Lagerfeld expressed amazement at Claudia Schiffer's ability to play the diva at the heart of the campaign's storyline. We further express amazement that Karl got over his own whopping diva attitude to actually compliment someone other than himself. [WWD, 1st item]
  • »7/05/07 10:05am7/05/07 10:05am