Nev Schulman Is Probably The Jerk Everyone Says He Is

Catfish producer Nev Schulman's story about a fateful night where he had to "defend himself" by punching a woman is crumbling before his MTV-bankrolled eyes. The woman he assaulted has come forward with her own account of the incident and it's exactly what everyone else is saying—except Nev. » 9/10/14 11:30pm 9/10/14 11:30pm

Peak Catfish: Woman Is Duped by the Same Person Twice

MTV's Catfish is quite possibly the most ridiculous show currently on television—making it one of my absolute favorites. Nev of the original Catfish film and his buddy Max travel around the country performing advanced google searches for people who don't want to face reality. While every episode is a rollercoaster of… » 6/26/14 1:20pm 6/26/14 1:20pm

Woman Catfishes Niece, Learns That Niece Wants Her Dead

Would that the Catfish team had gotten this on camera: An young Alabama woman allegedly asked a man she met on Facebook to kill her aunt, her aunt's family and her aunt's dog. Twist: The "man" was actually her aunt, who'd created a fake Facebook account to check up on her niece's Internet activities. » 6/11/14 11:40am 6/11/14 11:40am

Most Deluded Girl Ever on Catfish Truly Thought She Was Dating Bow Wow

Oof. Oooooof. I don't know if you've been watching MTV's Catfish (just me?), but last night's episode was a doozy. In general, the people featured on the show tend to be...erm...simple, but Keyonnah — the newest girl to be fooled by all of the internet's worst lies — took it to a new level. You see, Keyonnah doesn't… » 10/09/13 3:40pm 10/09/13 3:40pm

Man Who Didn't Love Wife When He Married Her Shoulda Used Twitter

I'm a huge fan of when two things occur at the same time in the news that illustrate glorious contradictions about how we live our lives. Like, on the one hand, it only takes 224 tweets to fall in love, says this study by UK electronics retailer Pixmania. But over on the other deeper, more enlightened hand, is a story… » 9/19/13 4:10pm 9/19/13 4:10pm

Catfish Finds the Dumbest Romantic Ever

Chances are that you were too distracted by the YouTube stream of the Texas legislature last night to tune into the second season premiere of MTV's Catfish and that's fine. That's better than fine. You made the right decision by choosing to experience HERSTORY live as opposed to tuning into a show about a bunch of… » 6/26/13 12:50pm 6/26/13 12:50pm

Online Dating: Horny Men Talking to Horny Men Pretending to be Women

In the weird world that is 2013, online dating is becoming more "normal" than ever, and why not? Everyone is a slave to their laptops and is too busy watching entires seasons of True Blood in single day to go outside and meet their future fuck buddy, let alone future soulmate. But when even star athletes start dating… » 5/22/13 12:50pm 5/22/13 12:50pm

Notre Dame Says Manti Te'o Is a Victim. That's Rich, Considering Their…

Notre Dame is notorious for covering up sexual assault allegations involving its football players, but the school declared star linebacker Manti Te'o a "victim" within mere hours after the news broke that his saintlike dead girlfriend never actually existed. Why is Notre Dame in such a rush to assert Te'o's victimhood… » 1/17/13 11:35am 1/17/13 11:35am

Meet the Shallow Looksists Who Fall in Love With Internet Liars

Because the entire concept of the MTV reality series Catfish: The TV Show—investigating and uncovering the deceptions of devious people in Internet-born romances—is based on the big twist ending of the documentary, it's not much of a surprise when MTV follows an online relationship and it turns out that someone… » 12/05/12 1:30pm 12/05/12 1:30pm

This Won't End Well: MTV Casting Show about People who Lie on the…

Piggybacking on success of the maybe-real, maybe-fake documentary Catfish (spoiler alert! Someone lies on the internet!), MTV has begun casting a TV spinoff of the show. So if you or someone you know is about to become entangled in a web of lies, if you're maintaining multiple fake social networking accounts or… » 7/05/12 11:00am 7/05/12 11:00am