Comedian Chris Hardwick Mocks TV Censorship with Pregnant Cat Lady Card

While making fun of an incredibly weird greeting card that features an illustrated cross-section of a woman pregnant with a cat, comedian and Nerdist folk hero Chris Hardwick had a great moment of gleeful censorship subversion on his Comedy Central series @midnight. Hardwick pointed out that the greeting card's … »1/11/14 12:30pm1/11/14 12:30pm


The Internet Agrees: Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

We all know that cats are smarter than dogs, but what about cat people? In choosing a pet with superior intellect, are they also manifesting their superior intellect? Or are they just blundering into pet ownership with their macrame wardrobes and their dolls made of cat hair? It’s the first thing, obviously — for… »6/22/13 3:00pm6/22/13 3:00pm