Your Cat Won't Make You Crazy: Keep Side-Eyeing Your Science Headlines

In the past few days, a wave of articles, Facebook posts, and tweets seemingly struck a major blow for #teamdog: dramatic headlines informed us that a recent study found that cat ownership causes people to go crazy. Most of the articles later clarify that the study, which looked specifically at schizophrenia (not… »6/12/15 3:50pm6/12/15 3:50pm

Stupid Shit I've Bought for My Cat in an Attempt to Make Her Love Me

In early 2007, during a fit of extreme emotional vulnerability, I walked into an animal shelter on Chicago’s near North side. Two hours later, I was driving home with a very angry cat with only one fang and a stump where her tail should be in a carrying case on the passenger seat, my hands clenched on the wheel in a… »6/08/15 4:20pm6/08/15 4:20pm

Pranksters Turn Into Site for Cat Ladies

Like most fundamentalist lobby groups intent on forcing their old-timey views upon a population of people who are minding their own business, the Australian Christian Lobby is the worst. When they're not attempting to silence ad campaigns meant to educate the public about HIV prevention, they're eroding the rights… »4/30/13 12:20pm4/30/13 12:20pm