Here Is Your Reminder That Cats Are High-Performance Athletes

Apropos of nothing, here is a commercial featuring cats, shot in the same slow-motion style favored by athletics brands like Under Armor and Nike. According to AdWeek, it's an ad for Temptations Tumblers, some kitty treat that rolls around better or something. But mostly it's an excuse to watch what is likely very… » 9/04/14 3:30pm 9/04/14 3:30pm

Do You Love Your Cat Enough to Make Him a Western Souffle Omelette?

While watching this commercial for Mornings™ "gourmet" cat food from Fancy Feast, my eyes bugged out of my head. Did she just make a FRITTATA for her CAT? Sorta! It's an "entrée" with "garden veggies and egg." Some things of note: » 7/27/12 1:15pm 7/27/12 1:15pm

The dude's face: . The entrée is served in a ramekin. This cat is having a nicer…