Casual Sex is Good For You If That’s Your Thing

In the eternal debate over hookup culture and how it affects our well-being, we all heard the argument or the cited studies that casual sex or sex outside a relationship is a psychological detriment and. Well, it turns out that studies on casual sex have tended to exclude people who, well, actually really enjoy… » 6/22/14 6:34pm 6/22/14 6:34pm

Woman Wins New Coveted Title of the UK's Horniest Student

The UK-based dating site Shag at Uni isn't just your regular dating site; according to their homepage, it's sexier version of the site Date at Uni, one that aims to "offer a space for students to get laid any night of the week and not have any of the strings attached with dating." In order to celebrate this… » 11/14/13 5:35pm 11/14/13 5:35pm

The Lady's Guide To a One-Night Stand

Pseudonymous GQ sex columnist Siobhan Rosen, herself A Lady, just penned The Gentleman’s Guide to a One-Night Stand, which, while covering some doy-level basic rules for guys (Use protection! Don’t get so drunk that your parts don't work!) assumes that there are certain things that Ladies—as an amorphous, tank-topped… » 4/13/13 3:00pm 4/13/13 3:00pm

Orgasm-Free Casual Sex: We've Cum So Far, Yet So Infrequently

Research, articles, ubiquitous workshops on the female orgasm all speak to the "orgasm gap," the relative difficulty among women, compared to men, in achieving climax. And research, and articles and let's be honest, personal experience all speak to the prevalence of casual sex. But what does casual sex mean, given… » 1/15/13 6:40pm 1/15/13 6:40pm

The Golden Rule for Mistresses: Keep It Casual

My first sexual relationship was an affair, and I was the mistress. Perhaps I developed a taste for it, or it's just the blueprint that I started out with, but for me, one of the most appealing aspects of an affair is its casual nature. The subtext is not to fall in love or become too attached. This is a difficult… » 1/08/13 3:00pm 1/08/13 3:00pm

The Popularity of Mobile Dating Apps Is Creating a Glut of Euphemisms for Casual Sex

Dating apps for mobile devices — your modern-day whozits and whatzits galore — are replicating faster than that super alpha bird flu from Contagion, which means that news outlets have a journalistic obligation to chronicle the latest dating trend, as well as tiptoe around the apparently indelicate issue of casual sex. » 8/20/12 10:25am 8/20/12 10:25am

You Can't Figure Out "Women," You Can Just Try To Figure Out One Woman At A Time

In this month's City Journal » 11/17/08 6:00pm 11/17/08 6:00pm Kay Hymowitz writes about the backlash she received from an earlier column about how "too many single young males (SYMs) were lingering in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood, shunning marriage and children." Predictably, those dudes didn't want to hear about it. Did you…

There's Casual Sex, And Then There's Casual Sex

Tracy Clark-Flory has an interesting piece on Salon today responding to the rash of pro-abstinence books hitting the bookshelves this summer. She defends what she calls her casual sex life against the hordes of abstinence-advocates who say you won't ever get a boyfriend if you sleep with men on the first date (in… » 8/01/08 3:20pm 8/01/08 3:20pm