A Couple Got Married at a Georgia Confederate Flag Rally 

Confederate flag supporters spent this past weekend rallying at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park, where everyone agreed that the flag is about “heritage, not hate,” and where undercover police reportedly marched with protesters, intervening when a counter-protester made fun of the event. Also, a couple named Timothy and… »8/04/15 12:30pm8/04/15 12:30pm


Using A Woman Of Color As The "Background" In A Photo Shoot: It's Not Okay

A couple of days ago, a post titled "Background Color" appeared on Racialicious. The jumping-off point is a photograph, by Alex Hoerner, from Nylon magazine (at left), in which Beth Ditto from The Gossip is playing cards with the housekeeper in a motel. And yeah, the housekeeper is a woman of color. The post's author,… »7/31/08 4:40pm7/31/08 4:40pm

ObamaMonkey Manufacturers Saddened By The Discrimination Against Them

Not long after SockObama Co. founders David and Elizabeth Lawson (of West Jordan, Utah) took down their website and apologized for offending people with their toy portraying Barack Obama as a monkey, it turns out they actually have more to say and they'll be damned if us liberal blogospheric discriminators are going… »6/18/08 3:45pm6/18/08 3:45pm

The SockObama Might Die, But Racism Will Live 'Til November (At Least)

TheSockObama Company, about whom we wrote last week, has run away with its tail between its legs. On its no-longer-fuctional website, the gentlemen who once wrote, "We wonder now if this might be a great opportunity to take this moment to really try and transcend still existing racial biases," when people complained… »6/16/08 1:50pm6/16/08 1:50pm

ObamaMonkey? There Is No Teachable Moment With Some People.

As if there hasn't been enough coverage of how using images of monkeys to represent the first African-American Presidential candidate from one of the two main parties is unwarranted and incredibly racist, there's a new company marketing a new Obama-monkey product. TheSockObama Co. is marketing this toy via its website… »6/13/08 1:00pm6/13/08 1:00pm