Idiot Judge Decides to Dismiss Her Own Traffic Tickets, Destroys Her Life

In a move that even someone with zero legal training could have told you was an insanely bad idea, a judge in Pennsylvania went into the online court system and dismissed her own traffic summonses. Judge Kelly Ballentine had two parking tickets from 2010 and a third ticket for expired registration on her BMW sedan… »2/13/12 11:15pm2/13/12 11:15pm


Terrible Judge Says Woman Fired Over Pumping Breast Milk Wasn't Discriminated Against

In a curious decision, a judge in Texas has ruled that a woman who was fired after she asked for a place in the office to pump her breast milk was not discriminated against. Donnicia Venters was working at a debt collection agency called Houston Funding in 2008 when she gave birth to a daughter. As she was about to… »2/09/12 11:15pm2/09/12 11:15pm