What We Don't Know About Polygamy

With the publication of her bestselling memoir Escape, ex-FLDS member Carolyn Jessop became a visible face of the horrors of polygamy. Now, she's become much more. » 3/30/11 3:50pm 3/30/11 3:50pm

A Polygamist World Before Sister Wives

Never-before-seen 1944 photos of Utah's polygamous FLDS community show how much things have changed in the era of Sister Wives — and how much they haven't. » 11/02/10 3:05pm 11/02/10 3:05pm

Warren Jeffs Indicted On Child Sex Charges…Again

Prophet Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints are back in the news again, this time with another indictment relating to statutory rape. In El Dorado, the town outside the Yearning For Zion ranch, Jeffs and four other FLDS members have been charged with felony sexual abuse, and a fifth was indicted for… » 7/23/08 9:30am 7/23/08 9:30am

Child Abuse Hearings On Texas Polygamist Sect Start Today

Child custody hearings begin today in Texas for the 416 minors who were taken from the polygamist sect Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints' compound near Eldorado. According to CNN, logistics will be decided upon today, like which cases take precedence, while the actual fates of the children will be determined… » 4/14/08 9:30am 4/14/08 9:30am