Beautiful, the Broadway musical about Carole King, is holding nationwide open casting calls for their touring production. If this isn't the beginning of a movie about a small town bartender who serenades her patrons with "So Far Away" while dreaming of the big time, I don't know what is. » 12/18/14 2:40pm 12/18/14 2:40pm

Natural Woman

" New Jersey suburbia I was surrounded by the wives of doctors, accountants, lawyers. With a pen in one hand and a baby in the other I was a real oddity. A working woman." [Telegraph] » 4/22/09 2:40pm 4/22/09 2:40pm

Dear Gitmo Residents, How About We Wake You Up When This Jeremiah…

Dear Osama Bin Laden's former driver Salim Hamdan: you had the right idea, sleeping through your court appearance this morning. Seven years you've resided in Guantanamo, yet somehow the Pyrrhic victories you score against the idiocracy do not cease. You won a Supreme Court case against one of the most loathed men in… » 4/30/08 10:00am 4/30/08 10:00am

Grammy Awards Fashions Hit The High Notes

Finally: Another awards ceremony! At last night's Grammys, celebrities seemed eager to cuddle up to the warm and welcoming bosom of a red carpet, and for the most part, everyone cleaned up nicely. Hell, even Lisa Rinna looked good, forgoing her usual penchant for leopard print for sleek silver. Other big successes:… » 2/11/08 10:30am 2/11/08 10:30am