10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Carnie Wilson farts on The Talk, Snooki burps on The Insider, and Anderson Cooper is no longer closeted. » 8/12/11 5:35pm 8/12/11 5:35pm

This week, when appearing on , Carnie farted. No one heard it, but she fessed up anyway. While discussing how cultured and well-traveled she is now, Snooki…

Gone Country: Bobby Brown Farts On Carnie Wilson, Pees On Dee Snider

Whoever was in charge of casting for CMT's reality show Gone Country is a genius for casting Bobby Brown. While he isn't able to recreate the magic that was Being Bobby Brown — obviously due to the absence of sidekick/estranged-spouse Whitney Houston — he still manages to shock and offend in a myriad of other ways. On… » 2/11/08 2:00pm 2/11/08 2:00pm

Gone Country? Bobby Brown Must Really Need The Money

If you're not a regular viewer of Country Music Television, then you probably missed the new reality series Gone Country. The show ispretty much The Surreal Life, except, instead of making has-beens live in a mansion together, the has-beens have to live in a mansion together and compete against one another to see who… » 1/28/08 4:20pm 1/28/08 4:20pm