Joe Biden Was Once on Carmen Sandiego, Failed to Sing with Rockapella

We're all looking forward to our Uncle Joe Biden's appearance on Parks and Recreation this Thursday, but did you know that this won't be the his first appearance on a much-beloved television series? Come, friends, and let's travel back to a magical time called 1993 during which the VP — who back then was but a… »11/13/12 3:40pm11/13/12 3:40pm

J.Lo Plans To Ruin Your Childhood Memories With Carmen Sandiego Movie

A live-action film based on Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego is in the works, which would be fine if Sandra Bullock was still slated to star. However, now it seems Jennifer Lopez may take the role. So far she's only signed on to produce, but the rumored plan is to drop the incognito geography lessons and turn the… »11/03/11 11:12pm11/03/11 11:12pm