Philip Seymour Hoffman Goes to Rehab for His Heroin-Snorting Problem

News has emerged that Philip Seymour Hoffman just got out of detox last Friday after a 10-day stay to kick an addiction that started with prescription drugs and culminated in snorting heroin. » 5/31/13 9:00am 5/31/13 9:00am

Britney Spears Quits The X Factor Before They Can Fire Her Ass

Speaking of pictures ripped out of Teen People that you glued on your 5th grade Trapper Keeper (weren't we? we totally were), Britney Spurrz has gotten the jump on her boss Simon Cowell. She's quitting The X-Factor before Cowell and the other assorted Powers that Be can fire her, tired of paying her $15 million to say… » 1/10/13 9:00am 1/10/13 9:00am

Mila Kunis Wears Sweatpants, Tears Hole in Space-Time Continuum

From the New York Post, the publication which just two days ago brought us the epic tale of Lena Dunham's "sloppy backside," we now have a full-fledged attack on Mila Kunis' choice of loungewear when she steps out for a coffee or whatever: » 1/09/13 9:00am 1/09/13 9:00am

Sources Swear Ashlee Simpson Is Knocked Up

Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson: Living Together?

Loose Lips

Ashlee Simpson done got knocked up by boyfriend/ brand new fiancé Pete Wentz, says Us. BUT! In an email to MTV News, Wentz denies sperminating Ashlee. Oooh, drama! • Madge's husband, Guy Ritchie, allegedly lost weight on the cookie diet, which involves eating only one meal a day — dinner — plus up to six cookies. "My… » 4/14/08 5:40pm 4/14/08 5:40pm